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Iris Folkson <ifolkson@...>

Nathan Gabriel wrote:

Wouldn't it be more efficient if the BOF Groups concentrated
on an enitire Uyezd rather than on individual Shtetls?

Great idea. The problem of course is how do you define the boundaries?
Using the old Gubernia maps or the new Oblast maps? It appears to me
that we should start with small similarly interested groups. It won't be
long before we find a direction that will be helpful to all of us.

I have Miriam Weiner's book "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldavia". If
memory serves me correctly, records for both Krasilov and Starokonstantinov
are in Lvov and Zhitomir. Since geography has never been my strong suit,
I'm not sure if Lvov and Zhitomir are in the same Oblast. While I think
the large picture is a good idea, we do need to start small until we know
where the records are.

I received emails >from Joyce Chartor and Sonya Trachtenberg Breidbart
expressing interest in Krasilov and Starokonstantinov.

Iris Folkson - Douglaston, NY

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