Location of Kulchine or Kulchiny #ukraine


My father's family, transliterated as UKOPNIK, but, more likely,
originally OKOPNIK, according to research at this website, came >from a
place named Kulchine or Kulchiny. I have a copy of an old map which my
daughter found somewhere on the internet a few years ago, which shows such
a place amid many other villages or towns. I cannot figure out where it
was located, as it is too finely detailed. I remember my father
mentioning Berdichev, but I can't remember in what context. Also, on his
Declaration of Intention paper, it says he was born in "Volin". (That's
the way the name was typed up.)

Dad said his mother's family were Bernsteins, but they may have been
either BERSTEIN's or BURSTYN's or something similar. I believe they were
also >from the same village or nearby. There was a marriage to a UMANSKY,
which I would guess means my cousin's family was >from Uman....

Lorraine Levan

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