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Flo Elman

I received a request >from Lucy Bucan, a SIG member, about Ukraine archive
addresses, but unfortunately her server won't accept my response. My answer
may be of interest to others on the List, so it is posted here.

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From: Lucy Bucan
To: haflo@...
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2003 8:55 AM
Subject: I'd like to request a birth certificate for David Abelew, born in
Chernigov, Ukraine

I'd like to request a birth certificate for David Abelew, who was born in
Chernigov, Ukraine on March 3rd 1892.
Would you, please, let me know where can I direct my submission to?
Thank you, Lucy.

If you check out our website at http://www.jewishgen.org/ukraine & click on "Archive Addresses", it will take you to:

The address listed for Chernigov is as follows:
Chernigivska oblast (ie: Chernigov)
2, Frunze St., Chernigiv, 250006
Tel.: +380 (4622) 7-41-17

You should also go to the Routes to Roots site, & read through the
comprehensive information that has been put together for Ukraine (including
archive addresses). The URL is: http://www.rtrfoundation.org

The archives do not have "birth certificates", but they may be able to find
the person's records in their record books. It's not easy to negotiate, but
certainly worth a try. Check to find how much money they want, & be careful
about sending any money to those who might write & offer to "help" you for a

Good luck,
Florence Elman <haflo@...>

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