Project Announcement - Volunteers Sought to help index Danzig Civil Marriages #poland #danzig #gdansk #germany

Rodney Eisfelder

Members of the Danzig SIG will be aware that Civil records >from Danzig
for the period 1874 to 1914 are on line in the collection of with a finding aid and access instructions on
the Danzig SIG's website at

The Danzig Civil records include almost 350,000 records - about 174,000
births, 133,000 deaths and 42,000 marriages. In addition, there are
another 8,000 >from the Langfuhr registry office. About 2% of these
records are Jewish records.

I am managing a new project for the Danzig SIG to index the roughly 800
Jewish marriages (or to be more precise, the civil marriages involving a
Jewish bride or groom) hiding in the 42,000 Danzig civil marriages.

The first phase of the project will produce a web page on the Danzig SIG
web site listing minimal information about all the Jewish marriages that
we find, sufficient for researchers to locate scans of the corresponding
records on . The second
phase will extract more detailed information about each of the Jewish
marriages, which will be added to the Danzig Database
(, searchable via
both JewishGen's All-Germany and All-Poland databases.

Volunteers for the first phase require only the ability to use Excel, a
reasonable Internet connection, and to be able to distinguish between
the various religions given in the marriage documents.

The ability to read 19th century German hand writing "Kurrent" and
"Fraktur" (Blackletter) printed text is an advantage but not really
required for the first phase.

Volunteers will be assigned one volume of marriages at a time. Each
volume generally contains just under 200 marriages. They will need to
view every marriage in the volume and look at the religion of both the
bride and groom. If either is Jewish (mosaischer, judischer or
israelitischer), they will record a few details of the marriage in a
line of a spread sheet. If neither is Jewish, they just go on to the
next page. A volume can be completed in a few hours, which can be spread
over several days. Each volume will be examined independently by at
least two volunteers to ensure that no Jewish marriages are missed.

There are 231 volumes of marriages >from Danzig, plus another 7 >from
Langfuhr, so we can use lots of volunteers. Volunteers can, of course,
stop work or pause at any time. We only ask that you let us know if you
are not able to complete a volume you have been assigned in a reasonable
amount of time.

Samples of most of the religions found in Danzig can be seen at:

Please contact me at r.eisfelder@... if you are interested in
volunteering. I will send you an email of detailed instructions and a
template spreadsheet.

Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia

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