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Logan J. Kleinwaks

Scans of Danzig residential registration cards (1843-1918) are now
online at
for most surnames A-REHWALSKI. Until recently, only surnames through
H were online.

This is a very important source for researching people who lived in
Danzig (even if not born there) and it is easy to use. At the link
above, find the row where the second column begins "Karty Meldunkowe"
and has a range of surnames covering your surname of interest
(according to German alphabetization). For example, for the surname
PARADIES, the row is "Karty meldunkowe: Panke - Passauer". If the
number in the rightmost column is not "0", then there are scans
available. Click "Karty meldunkowe" in the row of interest, then
click the "Skany" or "Scans" tab in the top right to see thumbnail
versions of scans (15 per page by default).

Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge it. The thumbnail images are
arranged roughly alphabetically with surnames at the top, so browse
through the thumbnails until you find your surname or person of

On the enlarged image, there is an icon near the bottom right that
looks like a white rectangle on a black circle -- clicking that will
open a new window to display a high-resolution image. Because of the
size of the high-resolution image, it might not be fully visible on
your screen, but you can click, hold, and drag it with your mouse to
change the visible region. To save a high-resolution image to your
computer, click the "Pobierz" or "Download" link below the image, in
the bottom center.

Make sure you check adjacent scans as there are often two scans, front
and back, for each card. On the cards, you can find a wealth of
genealogical information including birth dates and places, maiden
names, death dates and places, addresses in Danzig, and places people
moved to >from Danzig. Some of the later cards even include the head
of household's parents' names near the top.

If you learn dates of birth or death in Danzig, be sure to check the
Danzig SIG's chart at showing the
locations of vital records. Note especially the records highlighted
in green, which are already searchable on JewishGen, and the links to
finding aids for civil records 1874-1914 and Jewish records 1846-1927
(bulk 1846-1879). If records of interest are highlighted in yellow,
they are in the process of being transcribed or proofread and we would
welcome volunteer help. If you learn of people born in Danzig before
1846, feel free to contact me about how to research their ancestry
further in early 19th or late 18th century sources (some online, some
being worked on, some to be acquired).

If you would like to write a more complete guide to the Danzig
residential registration cards for the Danzig SIG website, please
contact me.

Thanks very much to the State Archives in Gdansk and the National
Digital Archives for making these scans available!

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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