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Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

Dear Ellen Stepak,

I might be able to help you with the town names in the area near
Chust and Dragovo in Marmaros (Subcarpathian Ruthenia, today
southwestern Ukraine). Dragovo (also know as Drahova, Drahiv, or
Kovesliget) is ~20 km NE of Chust. I'd be very interested in your
source material for these town names, as it seems that some of
them are quite garbled. In some of these suggestions I am relying
on previous experience with trying to creatively decipher old
Yiddish handwriting and worn tombstones, in addition to trying to
make order of the numerous name variations for the towns in the
Marmaros region.

The following town names are probably:

Butsria near Dragovo
Unter-bistra (Alsobistra, Nizni Bystry), ~32 km NE of Chust;

Goref/Horef? near Dragovo
Horints (Herincse, Hornicovo) ~15 km NE of Chust (on the Chust-
Torin road).

Imshat? near Dragovo
perhaps Ganics (Ganya, Ganice) ~45 km E of Chust. (Looking
"creatively" at the Yiddish spelling of Ganics and garbling it a bit -
leaving off the leading gimel, combining the middle nun-yud to look
like a mem, and transposing the final tet-shin to shin-tet might give
a reading like "Imshat"...

Lezem? near Dragovo
Offhand not sure about this one. As a guess, perhaps Lisitse
(Rokoamezo, Lisicovo) ~50 km N of Chust

Krinikov near Chust and Dragovo
Also not clear. Perhaps Kerekheg (Kerekhegy, Okrouhla) ~30 km
SE of Chust, or possibly Kricsif (Kricsfalva, Kricovo) ~ 20 km E of
Chust, or Kereczky (Kerecke, Keregky) ~40 km N of Chust

Chomlyov near Chust
perhaps Daniliev (Husztofalva, Danielovo) ~15 km SE of Chust, on
the main Chust-Seniver road. (Again, looking "creatively" at the
Yiddish spelling of Daniliev, turning the leading daled into a chet,
and combining the middle nun-yud to look like a mem (as in Imshat
= Ganics above) gives this possibility).

Nankov near Chust
most certainly this is Nankif (Husztkoz, Nankovo) ~13 km N of

Hope this helps,

Moshe Davis

Moshe Davis <davis@...> Jerusalem
DAVIS/DAVIDOVICS >from Szeleslonka(Leh),Maramaros,Austro-Hungary; OH;CA.
HAYFER/CHAIMOVICS >from Kovesliget(Drahiv),Maramaros,Austro-Hungary;OH;NJ;CA.
WINARD/WINARSKY and METKOP >from Kiev;Argentina;NY;CA.
BRACKER/BRECHER >from Bucharest/Iasi,Romania;NY;CA;AZ.
ABRAMSON >from Zvil (Novograd-Volinsky),Ukraine;Cuba;MI;MA;NH.
YAHIA/YICHYA >from Istanbul;Cuba;MI;CA.

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