Lying about age #ukraine

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

My mother went through over 70 years of her life, as two years older than
she was.
How did we find out? One day when we were at the cemetery for her sister's
yorzeit, she said "Don't put the year of my virth on my tombstone." I asked
"why?" and she answered "How would it look two sisters burried near each
other with the same year of birth." It was then that we figured out, she had
taken her sister's year of birth, and even changed a document in hebrew to
match it, so she could travel >from Palestine to America by herself in 1922,
being 18 and not 16. Since that was the year of birth on her entrance into
the states, she continued with that year of birth all her life (97 years).
Rose Feldman
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