Danzig 1939 census has been transcribed, needs proofreading #danzig #gdansk #germany #poland

Logan J. Kleinwaks

The 11 Aug 1939 census of members of the Jewish Community of Danzig
(CAHJP file Da/1645a), including Zoppot, has been fully transcribed
and now needs proofreading before it can be added to the searchable
Danzig Database, part of JewishGen's Germany and Poland Databases.
Thanks very much to volunteer Kathy Glatter for single-handedly
transcribing this important source. The census is typewritten,
contains 1662 people, and I estimate proofreading will take about 5
hours. If you are interested in working on this or any other Danzig
volunteer project, please email me.

The census is grouped by family and typically lists each person's
given name, surname (sometimes, maiden name), date of birth or age,
street address, nationality, and destination (e.g., USA, Palestine).
It might be helpful in researching families separated by the War or
people whose wartime fate is unknown.

Most of the pre-War Jewish Community of Danzig had already emigrated
by this point and this census might include people who were unable to
leave because of illness, poverty, etc., or who had recently arrived.
The transcriber observed that the ages of people in the census and the
number of people listed without families seem unexpectedly high.

A similar census >from 1931, much larger, is in the process of being
transcribed by volunteers continuing the work of the late John

Reminder: we will have a SIG meeting in Warsaw on Monday, August 6,
1:30-2:30 PM, in Katowice-Boardroom. Please let me know if you might

Logan Kleinwaks
Coordinator, JewishGen Danzig/Gdansk SIG
near Washington, D.C.

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