Re: MANILEVICH 1906 Kiev Gubernia Duma List #ukraine

Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Shirley Manuel posted as follows:

"I was very happy to have read the 1906 Kiev Gubernia
Duma Voter's List where I read my paternal
grandfather's name and discovered his father's name,
also. However, what does remain a mystery is that
grandfather's name appears twice on the List as:
Yankel Manilevich Vasilkov, and
Kopel Manilevich Vasilkov

Does anyone know a reason why his name would be listed
twice? In Yiddish, Kopel is the diminutive for
Jacob/Yankel. "

The Yiddish name Kopl/Kopil is not a diminutive for the Hebrew name Yaakov,
but rather a KINUI for Yaakov. That is, in an official legal Jewish
document, such as a Get (Jewish divorce document), the name for a person
having both names is required by Jewish law to be written as Yaakov
haMechune Kopl (in Hebrew characters, of course). Otherwise, the divorce
might later be declared to be invalid, with all of the bad implications for
any children subsequently born to either of the parties to the
"divorce". Of course, it is assumed that the two names do in fact
represent the same person.

It was not uncommon for Jews to use one or the other of their double names
in different venues, for reasons which later appear to be obscure. This
may be such a case.

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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