Seeking Document Sources in Zhitomir, Chernovtsy, and Sokiryany #ukraine

Vladimir Sinayuk <sinayukv@...>

Dear Ukraine SIG'ers,

Can you please send me comments on your experiences access vital records
in the Ukraine, particulary in Zhitomir, Chernovtsy, and Sokiryany? I
would like to get my hands on some birth, marriage, and death
certificates, but don't even know how to begin.


Vladimir Sinayuk Bronx, NY Email: sinayukv@...

BANET >from Pabianice | BRONFMAN >from Sokiryany | BURDMAN from
Chernovtsy| BURDMAN >from Sokiryany | DOSIK >from Zhitomir | HOCHBAUM
from Buenos Aires | JOSEPH >from Karlsruhe | LERNER >from Chernovtsy |
SCHWAGER >from Bucuresti | SHECHTER >from Sokiryany | SINAYUK from
Chernovtsy | SINAYUK >from Zhitomir

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