Ask the Experts #ukraine

Flo Elman

For the first time in the history of an international conference on Jewish
genealogy, participants will finally have the opportunity to explore the
genealogy of Jews in Eretz Israel at the 24th Annual IAJGS International
Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem in July, through "Ask the
Experts" program with Shmuel Shamir, a 16th generation Jerusalemite and one
of the co-founders of the Israel Genealogical Society. Shmuel Shamir has a
unique background that lends itself to being such an expert: Aside from
belonging to an ancient Jerusalem family, Mr. Shamir has been researching
the roots of Jerusalem families of antiquity for many years and has written
numerous articles in a variety of journals and periodicals. As an Attorney
and notary, he has researched and ferreted out documents >from various
Israeli archives, using them to build family trees and to prove ownership of
property, especially in the Old City of Jerusalem.
The opportunity of consulting with Mr. Shamir as an Expert is unique and not
to be missed!
The 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
Jerusalem, July 4-9, 2004

Martha Lev-Zion

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