Re: Ship Manifest question in relation to Ellis Island #ukraine

Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

this woman's name was totally crossed out with a very dark pen with no
writing next to it and with no "deported"stamp next to name. Is it safe to
assume that she died during the voyage? (we're talking July of 1906 here)
And if so, does anyone know what was done with those who died during the
course of the voyage to America?
John Colletta, in "They Came in Ships" (p. 36) states:

"Many Customs Passenger Lists included a separate column for
recording births and deaths that occurred while the vessel was
traveling to North America. On lists that did not have such a
column, the information was added at the end of the list as the
events occurred."

So you could look at the end of the manifest to see if there is a list
of passengers who died during the voyage, and if this woman's
name appears there.

It seems more likely to me, however, that her name being crossed
out indicates that she never boarded the ship. I have an example in
my wife's family where the name of her aunt appears in a manifest
but is crossed out. Her name appears a second time in the
manifest for the same ship on its next voyage to America. It
seems that she missed the first voyage for some reason.

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