Jerusalem 2004 Conference #ukraine

Flo Elman

The Archives of the JDC are preparing for researchers >from the Jerusalem
2004 Conference the week of 4 July. Under normal circumstances, they are
not set up for more than a tiny number of users. However, for the
Conference, they are preparing a special adjoining room which they will
furnish with microfilm readers and special material of interest to us. They
are planning to open this room on Tuesday and Thursday between 15:00 and
18:00 and on Wednesday between 08:00 and 10:00. The JDC Archive is very
flexible and willing to open this room additional hours as well. They have
asked that you register with them so they can get some idea of how many
people to expect.
What can you expect to find at the JDC? They have a microfilm made from
registration cards of people seeking help during World War II through Joint
offices in Munich, Vienna and Barcelona. This comprises some 80,000 names
with family details. After the war, the Joint had a location office in
Istambul which tried to locate refugees and lost families. These records
are also available. And finally, there is a list of survivors, which, alas,
does not have a search engine. This list is arranged according to location,
and then by family names arranged alphabetically. The JDC lists include
additional information that is not available at Yad Vashem.
If you wish to do research at the JDC Archives during the Conference,
please send an email to them at <archives@...>
We look forward to seeing you in Jerusalem!

Martha Levinson Lev-Zion, Ph.D.
The 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
Jerusalem, July 4-9, 2004

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