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SUBJECT - Thanks, Names
So may people take the time to write helpful responses to questions on this
board, I wanted to thank all who got back to me. Still would like to learn
about specifically Jewish or Jewish regional patterns on any textiles
though. But your answers about featherbeds, pillows, the sugar cube
someone's mother put in pillows for sweet dreams, were all great.

After I got a positive response >from another SIG member about this note I
thought that this memo about double names might be helpful to others also. A
way to thank-you all.

In two part names in Europe >from the eighteenth century to before the 1920s
and 30s, the important name came second. The second name was the one in
common usage unless the person always used both. In many years of research I
have found this over and over again, and it is not widely understood. My
grandmother did not know why she was called Rose when her name was Shana
Ruchel. My other grandmother also Rose was Hebrew-named Zipe Ratzi. A
great-grandfather named Haim Israel was called Srol (a form of Israel), an
ancestor Shlomo Meir had five grandsons named Meyer, and my
great-grandmother's cousin had no idea who the Yakov Moshe mentioned on her
uncle's tombstone was, she knew that grandfather until she moved at sixteen
and had always called him Zayda Moishe. Historically, renowned eighteenth
century figures: Yakov Yosef of Polonoyye called Yosef; Abraham Yankel
Friedmann of Sadigora called Rebbe Yankel, Jacob Moshe Gins called Moses
Gins. This most clearly applies where the first and second parts were not
kinnui (associated name) or nickname or translation of each other, though
even in each of those, the name that came second was most often used
(Benjamin Wolf would be called Wolf; Israel Iser would be called Iser and
Dov Ber would be called Ber) but genealogically it is important to realize
that a Pinchas Leib might be in the records as Leib or even as Yehuda, the
name for which Leib is a kinnui.

Good hunting and thanks again to all of you.

Deborah Glassman
Elkins Park PA

Researching SOLOMONs >from Khmelnik, Krasnopolye, and Chudnov; FELDMANs from
Khmelnik; the families of Rabbi Avrum Dov of Khmelnik, Rabbi Jacob Israel
Halprin of Khmelnik, and Rabbi Abraham David Zabarska of Ostropol. KLEIMANs,
FORMANs, WEISS and ZURAWSKY >from Bralov, Chigirin, and Cherkassy.

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