Translation help needed #ukraine

Paul and Debbie Weiss <ancesthntr@...>

I would appreciate a translation of the the following Polish records in the
Russian language: The images are posted on Viewmate at the addresses listed

1889 death record for Abram Moszko Pioro; VM4435, viewable at:

1885 birth record for Berko Migdal; VM4436; viewable at:

1885 birth record for Cywiia Piuro; VM4437; viewable at:

1899 death record for Liba Ruchla Migdal VM4439; viewable at

The following Polish record is in the Polish language:

1863 birth record for Fejga Bejla Rotsztejn; VM4438, viewable at:

Please send responses directly to me. Thank you.

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