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<< I have found the manifest of my great uncle who arrive in the US in 1912.
On the manifest he stated that his last permanent residence was "Zekinin" Kiev,
or something similar, since it's difficult to read. I had thought that he
came >from Elisavetgrad (Kirovograd) in Kherson gubernia. I have searched for
a town with a name similar to Zekinin, but have had no luck. Is anyone
familiar with such a town?

Thanks for any assistance. Any responses to the message below can be sent to
me at nsolat@....

Norman Solat
Without first consulting Jewishgen's Shtetl Seeker, I thought that this
"Zekinin" could be " Zychlin" also known as "Zakhlin," "Zekhlin," "Zhichlin,"
and "Zhikhlin." BUT this place was not in the Ukraine. Rather it is 63 kilmeters
north of Lodz.

So if Mr. Solat has not already done so, he should go to Jewishgen's Shtetl
Seeker, type in "Kiev" as the nearest town, put in Kiev's coordinates, and
then do a search for Zekinin. If nothing satifactorily close turns up then Mr.
Solat should do a another search for Elizavetgrad, get its coordinates and type
them in and look once more for Zekinin.

Naomi Fatouros (nee FELDMAN)
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