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Pavel Bernshtam

I just received >from Zhitomir archive census and birth records on
Kelman surname >from Chervonoe shtetl. These records are written by
terrible handwriting, and sometimes are a little puzzle.

Let's start >from the first avaiable census: Revizskaya Skazka 1816.
We see here following data

Name age in 1811 census age in 1816
Ios Zelmanovich Kelman polyak was ommited 36
his wife Tsirlya
his sons Wolko Leib 10 15
Itsko 7 12
his daughters Gudya Lea 4
Dvora 2

What means "polyak" (the first letter seems to be small!)?
Is is the second part of double surname? Or nickname? Or
it means that he came >from Poland ("polyak" in Russian means polish man)
What means "was ommited"? How it happens that he was ommited, but his
children were recorder???

Next census (Revizskaya SKazka 1834) only adds puzzles:

Name age in 1816 census age in 1834
Ios Zelmanovich Kelman Polyak 36 54
his wife Sura Ruhlya 40
his sons Yankel 10
Zelman 8
Lejzor Nachman 1/2

After 16 years we see the same man with a different family !!!
Polyak already is written with a capital letter, as part of surname.

And where are his children >from previous census?

They are here, with their own families, but with surname Polyak !!!

Wolko Iosivich Polyak
Itsko Iosovich Polyak.

I'm sure that there are the same people, because of pathernal name
birth years, but they took only the second part of the surname.

But also we see in the same census

Leib Iosivich Kelman with his family, who was born in 1810. Where he
was in 1816 census???
I think that "Wolko Lejb" in 1816 census may be is error, realy there
were 2 different sons:
Wolko and Lejb! And Wolko took "Polyak" surname, but Lejb took "Kelman" surname!

In 1850 census there are no puzzles and we see here the same family of
Leib Kelman, but in the birth records we see the next puzzle:
in 1857 in the family of Gersh Kelman, the son of Lejb was born a boy
Ios Shmul. We see here that the mother is recorder as Gudel
What here means "Rukodel'nik"? Is it her original surname? Occupation
("rukodel'nik" in russian means needlewoman)? nickname?

And the last puzzle I have solved:
Next child of Gersh and Gudel was recorder as "Shel Duvid" in russian
text and absolutely unreadable something in hebrew.
After 1 hour of letters recognizing and with help of my collegue, we
have resolved the name in hebrew as Shoel Duvid. Using the given name
database, I have received that Shoel is the same name as "Shejlyk",
i.e. he is the same Shejlyk Kelman, my grandfather's grandfather.
So, finally, I have connected those 4 generations of Kelmans from
archive records to my family!!!

I hope that somebody will help me to solve the remaining puzzles.
Thank you!

P.S. If somebody is interesting in the whole records about Kelmans
that I receieved, tell me.
P.P.S. Also I have received records about Kantors >from Novograd
Volynsk uyezd >from 1850 census. Unfortunatly there is the only source
of information about Novograd Volynsk uyezd.
No any other census or birth records were survived

Pavel Bernshtam
email: javaap@...

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