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Paul & Myrna Lewis <pmlewis@...>

Dear Fellow Genners,

I've noticed >from various JewishGen digests & databases that many of you are
researching the surname LANDA, just as I am. In fact I may have contacted
some in the past regarding any possible relationships. Now I'd like to
bring that research into the 21st century by forming an FTDNA LANDA surname
project. I am submitting this message to several digests, as well as the
DNA one, so as to inform as many as possible about the formation of this

My husband & I have science backgrounds, and have been very interested in
the potential uses of DNA. Thus, we were very excited when in 2000,
JewishGen joined with FTDNA to use DNA testing for genealogical purposes.
We, and a male cousin on my mother's side, were among the first to do the
tests. In just over 4 years, almost 24,000 test kits have been processed, &
over 1,000 surname projects formed. If you are not familiar with using DNA
testing for genealogy, or want more information about it, go to FTDNA's

We have been extremely pleased with the results of our use of DNA testing.
It has helped us validate some relationships, and disprove others. And a
male member of a family of whom I had no previous knowledge, matched my
cousin's Y-DNA 37 markers exactly, thereby confirming that we had a common
ancestor within about the last 100 years. We believe our great-grandfathers
may have been brothers.

My 93 year-old father, ISADORE LANDE, decided to do the DNA test in the
event that after he is gone, we might find some family related to him. But
the greatest gift I could give him would be to do so while he is still
alive. By forming an FTDNA LANDA surname project, even if you & I don't
have a fairly recent common ancestor, you may connect with someone else in
the group.

I am willing to coordinate the project, and would get all pertinent
information >from FTDNA. I believe the Y-DNA test is cheaper through a
project than if it is done individually. If you are, or have a direct male
LANDA descendant, and are interested in joining the project, please respond
privately to

Looking forward to hearing >from you,
Myrna Lande Lewis
Suffern, NY USA
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