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<< My father is >from the GITNER family of Litin. I know there are Gitner's in
But on the Ellis Island DB there is a Joseph GITNER - a butcher (my great
grandfather and one of his sons were butchers - "shochet" , who is listed as
coming >from Smirinka Russia. I can't find it on google. I am guessing that
the "ka" at the end means it is a smaller place.
Joseph came in 1909 and his daughter joined him in 1922. At that time Joseph
was living in Birmingham Alabama.>>

Perhaps Rose has forgotten that she inquired about Smirinka before, in early
March, 2002. Back then, after I viewed her relative's ship manifest where the
town's name is indeed spelled as "Smirinka" I wrote to her and to this group
suggesting that the town's name was probably "Zhmerinka" which is south of
Kiev and southwest of Vinnitsa in the province of Podolia.

Now I add that "Where We Once Walked" says that Zhmerinka, also spelled as
"Zmerinka" and "Schmerinka" had a pre-war Jewish population of 4,380. Its map
coordinates are 48'01/28'06.

Also, at:

Rose can read a little history of Zhmerinka and view three photographs
showing different views.

Postcards of the town are availble at a price according to at least two

More information about Zhmerinka, taken >from the Encyclopedia Judaica, about
the life and fate of its Jews can be read at:

Another website says that in March, 1918 WWI the 25th Army Corps of
Austro-Hungarian army had its command at Zhmerinka which stayed there "until the end"
when its troops revolted.

Still another website, (this one for some Christian evangelists) says that
Zhmerinka where they held a "tent meeting" is about a four hours drive >from

Of course, I could still be wrong in believing that Rose's Smirinka is really

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