COHENS in Talna #ukraine

Roberta Sheps <roberta.sheps@...>

I have been a member of the Talna (Talno, Talnoye) mailing list for a
few years and have never found anyone in the group other than me
interested in COHENS, or any of the spelling variants. Considering it's
such a common name I find it a bit weird. I have a copy affidavit from
a distant relative >from Kiev stating that he visited my
great-grandparents Levi and Chaya Cohen (nee Klaimon) in Talna just
after my grand-father's birth (presumably for his bris), and my
grandfather said that was where he was born, so I have no reason to
think he got this fact wrong. Levi's father was Shmuel.

Does anyone in the Ukraine SIG recognise this family?

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, Essex
Also looking for Sheps/Brickman/Chertkow/Potashnikov >from various towns
around Kiev and Odessa

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