Help in Identifying Mother's Name on Birth Record #ukraine

Pavel Bernshtam

I already posted this message on the newsgroup, but there is no response.
I hope - may be somebody of the mailing list readers can help me.

Help to recognize mother name on birth record.

I'm russian and hebrew speaker but because of terrible handwriting I cannot
recognize a mother name and paternal name on birth record.

Here is the russian part

and here is the hebrew part.
Thank you!

Pavel Bernshtam
Searching for:
ITKIN-Kolyshki, Vitebsk uyead, Vitebsk gubernia; Kharkov,
Lepel uyezd, Kharkov,BERNSHTAM-Akimovka (Melitopol oblast), Melitopol,
ALTSHULER-Priazovskoe (Pokrovka)(Melitopol oblast) , Melitopol, Chausy (Mogilev
gubernia)KANTOR-Polonnoe (Volyn gubernia), Baranovka (Volyn gubernia), Zhitomir,
LAMDAN, LAMDIN-Mlinov ZHURAHOV, ZURAHOV-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Verbovo
(Skvir uyezd) ,Zhitomir, KELMAN-Chervonnoe (Zhitomir uyezd), Zhitomir

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