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Just a note. It's Stutthof. The German pronunciation would be Shtutoff
or Shtuthoff. See:

At 11:31 AM -0600 9/2/04, Haflo wrote:
Dear Members,
A friend's mother, Mildred GREENSPOON (in her 80s), is a Holocaust survivor, &
would desperately like to locate the woman who saved her life in those dire
years. Mildred is now living in Toronto.

The woman's name was Bella SPEIER; her married name was ROGERS. They were
marched together >from Shtutoff (not sure of spelling). My friend's mother
does not know where Bella was before that as they met in Shtutoff. Bella
went somewhere in Australia after liberation. It was Bella who hid Mildred
in a hay wagon when she became too ill to walk. That is where the Russians
found her. She still has vivid memories of the soldier who carried her out
of the barn, and the tears rolling down his face; the gentle way he handled

from what she told me, Bella & her husband were subsequently divorced. If
you have any further information about this lady, or her family, please
contact me privately at haflo@... . What a mitzvah this would be if we
could reunite them by Rosh Hashonah.
Brian Stern

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