Re: Is it possible ? #ukraine


Carlton Brooks wrote:

<< I am researching the name of KORASTACHEVSKY.

Is it possible that this family came >from the Korostyshev area.

My Great Grandfather ADAM CORBIN (Adam Korastashevsky)(sp) gave over 15 dates
of birth as well as places of birth. I do know that his brothers came >from
the Ukraine (Odessa?).

Just recently I started to notice the name Korostyshev being mentioned. Does
any one have some insight. >>

The authoritative source on the etymology of Russian names is Alexander
Beider's A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from the Russian Empire. Beider confirms
that the surname Korostyshevskij (in his transliteration) is derived >from the
town of Korostyshev, and he lists about a dozen variants (though not your
precise spelling).

Bear in mind that your family may once have lived in Korostyshev, but they
would have acquired the name after they had migrated elsewhere.

Alan Wachtel
Palo Alto, California

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