Melech BIK from Meliaten/Orizk/Rarziak/Raziak #ukraine

Deborah Schultz

I am researching the background of my great-grandfather, Max BECK. He was
also known as Max BICK and Max BECKOFF. He lived >from 1907 for many years
in Brooklyn, where he worked as a capmaker, before retiring to a farm in
New Jersey and eventually to his small farm in Holtsville, Long Island,
New York. He died in Holtsville in 1947 or so.

He sailed >from Antwerp, Belgium, in June 1907, under the name Bik MELECH,
and was processed at Ellis Island. He was about 22 at the time. He was
accompanied by his wife, Liebe, listed on the manifest as Liebe MELECH
(aged 19 or 20), and her sister Chamie KIEPERBERG (aged 16). They were
going to stay with Liebe's and Chamie's father in New York. The manifest
lists their town as Rarziak or Raziak, Russia.

Max's Declaration of Intention, filed in the Supreme Court of Kings
County, New York, states that he was born 26 November 1886 in Meliaten,
Russia, and that his last foreign residence was Orizk, Russia.

If you recognize these family names >from these places, please feel free to
contact me privately. Thank you!

-Deborah Schultz, Detroit-area, Michigan
researching: BIK in Meliaten & Orizk, HOROWITZ and LUBARSKY in Podolia

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