Wiener Zentralfriedhof Tombstone question #austria-czech

Sharon & Peter Haas <haases@...>

I wish to thank those of you who responded to the issue of tombstones at the
Wiener Zentralfriedhof.

I learned a lot! I used to always think: "one death, one grave, one
tombstone, one name". Obviously things are quite different....

And just as I was getting used to the idea that more than one deceased could
be in a particular grave, I also learned that the opposite could be
true--i.e., just because there are two or more names on a tombstone, that
does NOT necessarily mean that there is more than one deceased in the grave.
This because some names might have been added to the tombstone to
commemorate a relative's death in the Shoah and/or a member of the family
might have added a name to the tombstone "in anticipation" of another
relative's death.

Death is always sad and serious. Now I know it can also be confusing.

Peter Haas -- California

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