Re: Any relatives who made a decent living during WWI? #ukraine

Mark Jacobson

My grandmother's family were in Stryj during the war
(it was Austrian Galicia, but is relevant to the
Ukraine topic). In 1915 the Russians pushed the
Austrians back west of Lemberg and Stryj became
occupied territory, filled with Russian soldiers.
Along with my grandmother's stories of everyone being
afraid of Cossacks including a young girl that she
swore was so afraid that her hair turned white, she
did talk a little about business. My grandmother's
father was a barber, but her parents also owned a
hotel/inn where they had made good money before the
war. My grandmother said the family was relatively
wealthy and took trips to Lemberg etc. Suddenly when
the Russians came in the inn was full of Russian
soldiers who ate all the food and drank all the
alcohol and paid in some kind of Russian script money
that my grandmother said was worthless to her parents.
Basically that was the end of the hotel, and when the
Russians were pushed back out by the Austrians my
g-grandfather went back to focus on his barber shop
and the family had a lot less money.

Mark Jacobson
Boca Raton, FL

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