Common ancestors for Jewish families #dna

gregor brand <Gregor.Brand@...>

I have the impression that I am one of the first to send an e-mail to
the new DNA list forum, so I don't exactly know if my following posting
is of the expected kind.

I would like to ask if there are already Jewish families/surnames, that
have been genetically researched for a common origin, like this is the
case for the SYKES of Oxford professor Sykes. There are some widespread
family names like OPPENHEIM, WEIL, ROTHSCHILD, BLOCH (and many others)
and I would find it very interesting to know if they respectively
originate >from the same male. I have read for example that all (except
the cases of illegitimacy and the like) WEILs are descendants of the
talmudist Jakob WEIL (14./ century).

Is it possible with the actual genetic knowledge about the Y-chromosome
to research such supposed common origin? Does already research work
exists, which allows some first answers to the question of a common
ancestor for these or other Jewish families (besides the Kohanim) with
a common surname?

Gregor Brand, Bargstedt, Germany

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