how contacting submitter of Pages of Testimony in Odessa ? #ukraine

Pierre KOGAN

My Grandmother was EIGEL Leha, 1872 Odessa-1924 Warsaw.
The majority of her children were born in Poland. No survivor known.

In the pages of Testimony published by Yad Vashem, is mentioned
EIGEL Lev, submitted by his nephew, BARDIN,
and Mrs. Rose Feldman, Secretary Tel-Aviv Branch of the Israel Genealogical
sent me the following information:
The submitter's name is Badrina R.D., >from Odessa, Ukraine.

How is it possible to take contact with submitters in Odessa or find the
address of the submitter. Mr. BARDIN, Odessa, alias, perhaps, Badrina R.D.?

Thanks for your help
Pierre KOGAN,

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