Where were you when we asked for volunteers &/or ideas?? #ukraine

Flo Elman

Dear U SIG Members,

This is a very disappointing & aggravating letter for me to
write. Coordinators of our projects have received inappropriate
responses to their requests for assistance, & I'm appalled at
the rude replies they received >from our membership. For those
who sent in those responses, I suggest you look up the term
"coordinator" in the dictionary as well. They are not
"all-knowledgeable" or "all-responsible". Assistance is required
from members to get the work done!! When you read the following
note, I'm sure those who are responsible for the rude emails will
recognize themselves.
There's no excuse for that sort of attitude ... if you can't help
out, why should anyone do the work for you?!!! And then we hear
from people who complain there's not enough information on our
site or in an All-Ukraine Database!!!!
I'm really sorry to report that we're losing our Chernigov
coordinator because of this lack of cooperation.. Willing
volunteers like her are hard to find. If you really believe
the coordinators should do all the work without the volunteer
help of our more generous members, perhaps YOU'D like to step
forward & lead one of these groups yourselves. See what you can
accomplish. We need coordinators for Kharkov, Ekaterinoslav,
Taurida, & now Chernigov!! Without these people, I, too, cannot
get any data online or continue in my my capacity as Ukraine
SIG Coordinator!

Florence Elman
Ukraine SIG Coordinator

Here's a copy of the letter that explains why I am writing:

I had to do the list by myself with no help. While a few people initially
offered to assist, they all backed out. When I posted to the group for their
input I received several 'nasty' messages, some indicating that if I was the
coordinator I should know all about the area & the towns & should not impose
upon others for help; others just plainly criticized my efforts. One person
noted a town that was absent >from my list but refused to provide
coordinates. They told me that they had the coordinates but that it was my
job to find them. Another never bothered responding when I asked for help in
finding their town coordinates. Out of all the responses to my post only
three people were polite.

My professional life is very busy & I just do not have the time to spend
doing everything myself that I would like to do with regard to the website &
collection of data for Chernigov. Thus, I am resigning as coordinator.

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