Naturalization #ukraine

Robert Bogash <rbogash@...>

Regarding this thread, could a wife be required to be naturalized under
her husband even if native born? My grandmother was born in the U.S.
My grandfather came >from Ukraine in 1904. They were married in 1912,
and he was naturalized in 1913 (shortly before the birth of my father.)
It is surmised my grandmother put the heat on my grandfather prior to
the birth of the first child to ensure it would be a U.S. citizen. My
aunt claims her mother (my grandmother) had to become naturalized when
my grandfather was, even tho she was U.S. born, and she has seen
paperwork to that effect. I have found nothing in my research.
Could a wife lose her citizenship by marrying an alien?

Bob Bogash
Hansville, Washington

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