Re: Naturalization #general

Doug Cohen

Anyone born in the US, even if to aliens, is a US citizen, automatically.
Prior to a date I don't know (but I thought it was pre-1910), citizenship
followed the husband. A native US born citizen who married an alien lost
her US citizenship, and would become naturalized when (if) her husband was
naturalized. But that changed early in the 20th century. After 1922, a
wife was no longer automatically naturalized when her husband was -- she had
to pursue her own naturalization. Hope that helps.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

Original Message From: "Robert Bogash" <> writes in part:

Regarding this thread, could a wife be required to be naturalized under
her husband even if native born? ....... My aunt claims her mother
(my grandmother) had to become naturalized when my grandfather was,
even tho she was U.S. born, and she has seen paperwork to that effect.
I have found nothing in my research............
Could a wife lose her citizenship by marrying an alien?...........

Bob Bogash
Hansville, Washington

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