Re: Naturalization #general


Robert and fellow researchers,

If you go to the following website, run by the now U.S.
Citizenship and Immigration Service,
it states:
"After passage of an Act of February 10, 1855, immigrant women
were able to acquire U.S. citizenship without naturalization.
They became citizens upon marriage to a U.S. citizen husband,
or upon their husband’s naturalization. Like children, who
since 1790 acquired citizenship upon the naturalization of a
parent, women derived citizenship >from their husbands. A 1907
law took this concept further by providing that all U.S.-born
women who married aliens would lose their U.S. citizenship
upon marriage. It was not until 1922 that women’s citizenship
was separated >from that of their husbands. For more details,
see the history of women and naturalization on the Website of
the National Archives and Records Administration."

Bob Bogash wrote in part:

"Regarding this thread, could a wife be required to be naturalized under
her husband even if native born?..........
Could a wife lose her citizenship by marrying an alien?".........

Robert Silverstein
Aurora, CO


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