Translation/transliteration from cursive Russian/ Kolki Region/ Holocaust docs. #ukraine

Steven Garber <shgarber@...>

Dear Jenners(Jewish Genners),

I recently obtained copies >from this incomplete, 60-yr-old Soviet file. It
contains a number of reports on Nazi atrocities, as well as some Victims
lists. The latter contain names and ages of of some of the Jewish civilians
who were killed by the SS and their helpers.

Unfortunately, I created jpeg files a little too large for ViewMate. If
you'd like to try your hand at one or more pages, contact me:

I can send you pages as attachments.
Results may soon be posted to the terrific new Kolki ShtetlLinks site
created by Andrew Blumberg.

The Soviet Extraordinary Commission's files are on 27 reels of microfilm at
the USHMM Archives in DC. The staff is very helpful! Most of those files
remain to be translated. Look into this amazing, resource!

Thank You!

Steve Garber, of Denver
GARBER (Staryy Chartoriysk, Ukraine)
BAR (Kolki, Ukraine (near Lutsk)).
LIFSCHES/LIFSCHITZ (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine; Israel)
GLASER (Vashkovtsy, Ukraine)
ZLOCZOWER (Vizhnitsa, Vashkovtsy, Milie, Ispas, Czarnohuzy, Chernovtsy
(all formerly in North Bukovina), Ukraine; Israel, elsewhere).
CHERGER (Staryy Chartoriysk/Lutsk area, Ukraine)

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