Starokonstantinov area research group #ukraine


Evan Fishman asked:
"Has anyone ever started such a SIG for Starokonstantinov, Volhynia, Ukraine and vicinity? I would
be interested in collaborating with others so that we can obtain records as
a group and thereby maximize effectiveness."

I would be interested in pooling research resources for the Starokonstantinov area
if we could gather several folks. I am researching FALIKMAN/FALIKMANN, STRUBCHEK,
BILICH, KAMENIR, KLEZ, KNOP, MUCHNIK, and GODL, >from Khizhniki, Lyubar and Yampol.
To date I have not seen these names among the Ukraine-sig postings.

One question, however: I recall being told that a fire in the Kamenetz-Podolsk
archives (if that's the correct location of the fire -- at any rate, it was a
central archive for the region) a couple of years ago destroyed many records
and closed the archives for an indefinite period. Am I remembering the correct
archives? and has research there remained severely impacted? Does anyone know
whether records for the Starokonstantinov area would be likely to be found in
other locations, and, if so, where and what types of records might be housed
outside the central archive? In other words, what is the state of archival
research in this area these days?

Jessica Falikman Attiyeh
San Diego, California

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