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Hello genners. Just a note to let you know that we are attempting to put
together a Birds of a Feather interest group for the area around Kiev.
I am trying to collect the names of people who have an interest in the
Kherson, Cherkassy, and Kiev gubernias. I would also like to have the
surnames you are researching in those gubernias. So far I have the
support of two people that have taken a very active part in seeing this
come to fruition.

Our intent is to get a list of names and email addresses first. Then we
intend to pool our resources (contribute money!!) and hire a
professional researcher in the Ukraine to check available records for
the surnames and dates we are researching. At first we will probably
only allow one name per person so as not to overwhelm the researcher.
We will then pool the information and surnames to make this information
available to others who might be interested in the same surnames. I
have no idea how expensive this may be eventually but the more the
merrier and the less each will have to throw into the pot. Please be
aware that these things do not happen overnight so this is only the
first step.

Please respond only if you are serious about conducting family research
in these gubernias of the Ukraine and are willing to support the effort
either with some time and some sheckels, or both.

David F. Nelson, D.D.S., M.S.
Fluoridation Consultant
California Department of Health Services


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