Doug Cohen

Where Once We Walked reports that Kitay Gorod, Ukr. had a prewar Jewish
population of 1,595. It is 92 km SSE of Vinnytsya at 48o29'/29o01';.
According to Yad VaShem's Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the
Holocaust, it had a Jewish pop. of 469 as early as 1765, and 735 (out of a
total of 2,794) in 1897. After the German occupation of 25 July, 1941, 180
Jews were expelled to Dashev and executed there.

YadVaShem reports another Kitaigorod in the Kaments-Podolski district. Jews
settled in the 17th c., forming an organized community. In 1765 the J. pop
included 489 taxpayers. In 1897, the J. pop sood at 642. The community
maintained a synagogue and beit hamidrash. In 1905, peasants >from a
neighboring village drove off Cossacks seeking to attach the Jews. In 1919
the Petlyura gangs staged a prgrom and killed 84 Jews. The Germans occupied
the town in July 1941. The Jews were expelled to a labor camp in
Kamenete-Podolski. In Jan 1942 they were murdered with the other Jews in
the area.

I'm not sure which of these is yours. Hope this helps.

Doug Cohen
Lexington, MA

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