Re: Zvenyhorodka (Zvenigorodka) & Vilkhovets (Volchivets) #ukraine

Moshe & Esther Davis <davis@...>

Hi Genners, I would like to know the distance between Zvenyhorodka and
Kiev as well as the distance between Zvenyhorodka and Odessa. Are you
familiar with the village of Vilkhovets?

Thank You,
Dear Doris,

Perhaps the Vilkhovets that you are referring to is the Vilchovits
located in the former Austro-Hungarian Marmaros county? This
Vilchovits is located about 40 km east of Chust, (north of Tecso)
between Ternovo and Neresniza. It was a center for the Vishnitz
Chassidim, as the family of the Vishnitzer Rebbe (surname
HAGER) lived there.

There is a medium-length article about this town in Sefer Marmaros
(the Marmaros Yizkor Book).

However, this is nowhere near Kiev or Odessa.

Hope this helps,

Moshe Davis

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