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I've come across a Chernigov record of an ancestor that says:

Ephraim Eikes-Berkob Halpern

This fellow's name, according to my relatives was Ephraim son of Jacob
Halpern. This is the first time I've seen Berkob.

In reading Jonathan Shea's Russian Language Documents >from Russian Poland
book, it says on pg 47, that the "patronymic was derived >from the father's
first name and was formed by adding obuy to the father's first name for sons
and obha for daughters" (note: I don't have Cyrillic letters on my

Can I assume that Jacob's father's name was Berk, because it says Berkob?
Ephraim Eikes-Berkob Halpern

I'm not sure why there is a hyphen between Eikes-Berkob. I, also, don't
understand why Ephraim's father's name Eikes (Jacob) isn't reflected as a
patronym and Berkob is reflected as a patronym.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Erribe

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