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Hello to all. This is my first time writing to the
site. I do very much enjoy reading the posts of
others. I’d like to share a remarkable story which
opened up because of the Yad Vashem database. At the
moment things are stalled but I hope that this is far
from complete and maybe someone >from the group can
give me some advice.

I did not think that my maternal grandfather, Yankel
Winokur >from Detroit (who I knew well, he died in
1976) had any close relatives who were killed in the
Shoah but just for a chance I submitted my mothers
maiden name and her fathers ancestral shteibal,
WINOKUR and Antonowka. WOW. About 30 names came up.
Now >from the information I was able to gather >from the
Jesish Gen website Antonowka had less then 1000 people
living in it at the turn of the century and over 90%
of them were Jewish. Therefore I figured it is pretty
good bet that these 30 names are all related to my
grandfather in someway. Most were named Vinokur but
there was one that stood out, Faige Seigel, This is a
name I have been searching for for 2 years.

I had a picture of my grandfather’s mother with a
woman named Faige Siegel and 5 girls but I did not
know who she was. I clicked on her name and discovered
that her parents were the same as my zeides. She was a
Sister who I did not know about. Moreover, the Yad
Vashem web site says she had 5 daughters (just like in
my picture!) who were all killed in the holocaust, 3
got married and two did not. Now I have their names
and the names of their husbands. There were so many
more nameson the website. All must have been cousins.
Aunts? Uncles? Then I clicked on Yisrael Vinokur
whose parents were the same as my zeides. A brother of
my grandfather who I never knew about. I found out
that the submitter of the pages of testimony lived in
Israel and his name is Yitzchak Vinokur. Is he alive?
I contacted the secratary of the Israeli geneology
society, Rose Feldman, and explained my problem. She
wrote back almost immediatedly with his phone number
but told me he is having some memory loss. I have been
in contact with his wife and daughter. Unfortunately,
Mr Vinokur has become somewhat demented during the
last few years. His daughter told me that her father
wrote a journal about Antonovka after the war. She was
going to search for it for me but has not been able to
find it. I talked to her and she told me her father
became very upset and agitated when she asked him
about the names on the pages of testimony and she
could not find his journal. but she will continue to
try. This man may be able to tell me about lots of
relations of my grandfather. Maybe there is lots of
interesting info about my zeides shtetel. Maybe there
are pictures. I only have two pictures. This is so
frustrating because so much information (30 Names!) is
so close and yet so far. Its there, in his brain.

Does anyone know any information about Antonowka or
about the family Vinokur? My grandfathers father was
Mordecai and his mother was Tzeral. A sister was named
Faige and a brother named Yisrael.

Does anyone have any idea as to how I can figure out
relationships to these other 30 names considering the
memory loss of the submitter of the pages of

Thank you and Chag Sameach.

Ruby Stein, Montreal

Searching for WINOKUR,VINOKUR, Antonowka; STEIN,
Ostryana, Melnitsia; MATTES, Kupichov, SCHLYFESTONE,
LERNER, Kostopol, KOZ, Ukraine

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