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After the partition of Poland and until the emancipation, there were several
attempts to control what seemed to the Austrians like the incontrollable
reproduction of the Jewish population. These rulings changed >from time to
time. There was a period when Jews had to present proof that they had
completed several years of elementary school (Cheder was not good enough).
Then there was a tax which was high enough to ensure that most of the
population could not marry. I believe these restrictions applied to civil
marriages only.

I don't know how they could restrict religious marriages when the Jewish
precept doesn't even call for a Rabbi to perform the ceremony. Saying the
words "At mekudeshet li ...." in front of a minyan is enough for a marriage
to be valid. They could only restrict the registration of the alliance.

Lancy Spalter
Kfar Tavor, Israel

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I sent a question in a few weeks back as to why a person, in this case my
great-grandfather who worked for the Postal Service in Lviv, required
permission >from the Post Office to get married. I did not get a firm
answer to this
question so I did a web search to try and find out why this permission

I found that after the partition of Poland a ruling was passed in lands
by Austria that a Rabbi could not wed those that did not have permeant
earnings. I would therefor assume that this would hold true in civil
marriages as
well since the recorded marriage was several years after the religious
Errol Schneegurt LI NY
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