Re: The Lack of Common Courtesy #general

Adelle Gloger

To Dave and everyone else,

The moderator has taken a position that Dave's comments are "not the start
of a thread." However, I think that many of us have been in the same boat as
Dave, and we *all* need to repeat what has been said over and over again so
that as many people on this forum and other message / mail lists hear that
Dave's experiences are not isolated !!

Over the years when a message is posted asking for information I, being one
of the curious, usually will do a search and pass on the information found. I
have passed on infomation for cities and places that are not even close to
where I live. Some of us have the time to look and know of resources.

I, like Dave, have vowed to be stingy with my help. Not too long ago someone
on one of the mail lists was asking for resources and information about a
family in my area. I gladly gave this person several leads and resources, as
well as addresses and phone #s. Knowing that some of us do not open our e-mail
on a daily basis, I waited for a one-liner, "Thank you." Nothing more. After
not hearing anything for better than 3 weeks, I sent that individual a note
indicating that it was because of people like him, that people like me were
hesitant to share information. Naturally, he never responded even to tell me to
"jump in the lake' as the old saying goes.

Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts, Ohio (Cleveland)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: This is definitely the last word on this subject for now.
Other notes have come expressing support for this viewpoint and appreciation for
your moderators and other volunteers who help. Please try to express these
thoughts at the approprioate time to those who volunteer their time to help you,
and to JewishGen through your JewishGen-erosity. Go to and honor all of us who have helped
you as well as those whom we have helped you to find. Now back to Ukraine


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