I am new to this group, and am anxious to learn anything
about life in Chernigov at the begining of 1900.
I am searching for some information about my maternal family from
Chernigov/Ukraine, this is the information I have

My grandfather Nokhim Salomon ZURNOVSKY BOGOSLAVSKY, born in Chernigov =
25 december, around
1894 and 1896, he had nine sisters and brothers (Liova, David, Boris,
Misha, =D1u=F1a, Dvoira, Jifim, ?)
When my grandfather came to Argentina in 1924 from
Napoles, Italy they changed his surname to ZURNOVSKY, because of the
He always told me that his surname was Yagurnovsky.
He lost contact with his family around 1933/34 and he never hear >from t=
He mouved to Chile, married and had 2 children, one of them is my mothe=

In Russia,my grandfather was recruited at the pre revolution time. Beca=
or his education, he was in charge of a border military post between Po=
and Ukraine ( where ?) where he allowed many jewish to escape.
My question is, does anyone know where can I find the military records=
verify this?

My great grandfathers were:
Zakhar Zurnovsky born probably around 1855, and died around 1926 in
Chernigov and he was a very religious jewish. I supposed he was Chassid=
How can I find iformation about this?
Married Frada Bogoslavsky Abarbanel, where /when ?
born probably around 1860 and died around 1933 in Chernigov
She was a Landsurveyor.

I would appreciate anyone who has any information on this
family to contact me.
Please response to me, directly - not to the list.

Thank you!

Mar=EDa Paz Rivera Zurnovsky
Santiago, Chile

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