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Dottie Miller

Recently, there was a posting regarding BOGOSLAVSKY >from Chernigov,
Ukraine. The family included Nokhim Salomon ZURNOVSKY BOGOSLAVSKY,
between 1894 and 1896. He had nine sisters and brothers, Liova, David,
Boris, Misha, Dvoira, Jifim, ?.

In my family, I have Rueven BOGASLAVSKY, born in 1824, father of
Abraham, Nechama (born 1859), and Dora (born 1864)BOGASLAVSKY in Russia.
Nechama married a man documented to have been been born in, grew up in
and emigrated >from Khmelyuv, Romen County, Poltava Gubernia, Ukraine,
Russia, sometimes spelled " Chmelov." All three BOGASLAVSKY siblings
immigrated to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, around 1900. All documentation
that I have been able to find so far only indicates that they were >from
"Russia." The family oral history was that the BOGASLAVSKYs came >from
what is now Ukraine.

Here's my question, is there any relationship between the names "Nokhim"
and "Nechama"? I know "Dvoira" and "Dora" are related names but so
common that I can't seriously consider these names as a link between my
BOGASLAVKSY ancestor and those of the recent poster. Other first names
in my BOGASLAVSKY were Louis (used for a few different cousins), Jean,
Leo, Dorothy and Dora, Fannie, Rueben, Beatrice (used twice), Leona, and

I welcome any comments about names and about finding the place of birth
of my BOGASLAVSKY family.

Thanks in advance,

Dottie Miller
San Antonio, TX USA

JACOBSON >from Vilna; SEREINSKY >from Russia and Indianapolis,IN;
BOGASLAVSKY >from Russia and Indianapolis,IN; UNNER >from Baden,Germany
and Portland,OR; GUGGENHEIMER >from Ihringen and Breisach,Germany and New
Orleans, LA; DREYFUS >from Brumath and Duppigheim,France; MEYER >from
Goersdorf,France; WEIL >from Bretten, Eichstetten in Germany and
Washington, LA and Luling, TX

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