Blonde hair/red hair #ukraine

elisabeth segal <darla1504@...>

I have red hair. The Rockman relatives I am looking for were all very
blonde, except for one sister Golda. She had the red hair. My aunt had
beautiful platinium blonde hair. It stayed the same even when she was old. I
have blue green eyes. My mothers family that originated many many years ago
from Spain, were all dark. I have the Rockman genes. But minus any
relatives. I know that my grandfather Samuel Rockman came >from Russia.
Thanks to all of you that have sent me emails with name suggestions and
variations of Rockman. No luck so far, but please keep trying.

A friend whose husband's family originated all >from Russia, has an 8 year
old son, with the whitest hair and bluest eyes you ever did see.

I was told when very young that the red hair came >from Babylon. That the
Babylonians were red haired. Perhaps that explains why so many of us are red



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