Fread (or variants) Ukraine 1880's #ukraine

Laura Bennett <laura@...>

Dear all
I am trying to research my maternal ancestors and have hit the
proverbial brickwall when it comes to my great grandmother and her
The information I have is as follows:
Her name was Anna (or Annie) FREAD (surname copied >from UK marriage
certificate) DOB 14 July 1873
Place of birth Kiev Ukraine (according to family)
Arrived UK sometime pre 1893 (but can't find on 1881 or 1891 census)
Married Myer Cohen in Sheffield UK 30 May 1893
Had 9 children the eldest of whom died and the remainder in order are;
Julia, Rose, Lena, Leah, Esther, Jack, Harry (or Harris) my grandfather
and Dollie.
Died 29 January 1933 and is buried in Sheffield.

According to information >from my Uncle, Anna's fathe was a Rabbi in the
Ukraine but we don't have a name and her mothers surname was Mendelson.
There were 3 other children, namely Sarah who apparently married a FREAD
cousin and had 3 children, Ezra, Harry and Helena she later remarried a
BERNSTEIN and had a further daughter, Rachel: David who married the
aforementioned Rachel and produced 4 offspring, Issy, Dinah,Mille and
Libby: Morris who was killed in WW1 and one further son who emigrated to
the US.

If any of the names and details above strike a chord with anyone I would
be very pleased to hear >from you.

Laura Bennett
Sheffield UK
Researching FREAD (and variants) Ukraine and COHEN (and variants) Belarus

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