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Nardo Bonomi

Dear researchers,

Also my ggfather had a flour mill in Ukraine before and until the World War
Do someone know if (and where) there are records or publications about this
sort of small industries.
(Tax) registers of mills existed in almost all Europe.
Thank you

Greve - Firenze - Italy
email nbonomi@...

Researching on
LUFT Galizia
GRUNBLATT anywhere

My mother and her sister left Zvenegrodka, Ukraine, sometime in 1913-14.
They left for the U.S. because the family was large, impoverished, and
opportunities seemed to be better in America.

My mother had told me that her father was a miller. He was known and liked
by the local peasants because he gave honest weight. But that's all she
me and I never thought to ask for more details. She is gone and of course
today I have a million questions that she is unable to answer and which
may not ever have been able to answer.

Perhaps someone out there can answer the following:

Why would a miller not be able to make a living for his family in preWorld
War I Ukraine? The idea of operating a flour mill conjures up visions at
least of a lower middle class existence. Was milling a marginal
Didn't operating a mill require capital? Didn't a mill require purchase
repair of equipment? Was operating the mill a seasonal occupation, busy
after the harvest but otherwise idle? And did this mean only occasional
income? Was the mill operated by water power? Where would such a mill have
been located at that time? Who owned the site of the mill, the operator or
financier whose interest charges were high?

Can someone in Ukraine SIG answer or direct me to answers of my questions?

Please respond privately.
Noyma Appelbaum
Philadelphia, PA

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