Orechow(ka), Tawrizesk: Geography lesson, please #ukraine

Judith Berlowitz <jberlowitz@...>

Dear Uk-Genners,
Two branches of my BER(E)LOWITZ family came to America
from Ukraine in 1906 and 1907, respectively. One
branch (Yankel B., 1906) listed "Orechowka" as town of
residence, while the other branch (David B.,
1907)listed "Orechow, Tawrizesk." Family tales place
Orechow (Orekhov) near Ekaterinoslav, while Google
searches show an Orechowka (Orekhovka) in Belarus and
another near Lugansk. Questions are:
1. Are these two interchangeable names for one town?
2. Are they two towns, one smaller (-ka) than the
other, perhaps across the Dnieper river >from each
other (another family tale)?
3. Where is Tawrizesk?
This website
may help or confuse...
Judith Berlowitz
Berkeley, California

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