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Mark Halpern

The town of Vorochta was part of the Austrian Province of Galicia prior
to WWI. Its Polish name was Worochta.

This town was in the Jewish administrative district of Nadworna and the
Delatyn subdistrict. Vital records for your town were registered in
Delatyn and will be included in the Delatyn vital record registers. I am
sorry to have to tell you that the Delatyn vital record register have
apparently not survived. Check Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots
Foundation Archive Database at for Delatyn to
determine which other (not vital) records survived and where they can be

Since your town was in Galicia during the period of your search, you my
be better served to post a message about Vorochta to the Galicia SIG
Mailing List. Hopefully, there are others whose research can help you.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator (Galician Records)

Original Message
Dear Genners

I am searching for the likely location of the official records (births,
deaths, marriage and census) for Vorochta, a small village in the
Carpathians in the centre of wood-logging countryside. Although it is
relatively close to Ivano-Frankovsk, it never seems to feature in any
records I manage tolocate on-line. Possibly the village was responsible
for its own records or maybethese were kept somewhere else.

I am researching my family MUNSTER/MUENSTER >from this location and have
some old photos of their house pre WW2 and some photos of the same building
now which I managed to obtain >from the last remaining Jew in the village.

Ronny Munster

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