Rabbi Shabse HaCohen (ShaCh) 1622-1663 #ukraine

Henry <henry@...>

Hi all,

I am a descendent of the RUBIN family who are Kohanim. I was told for many
years that the RUBIN family who are Kohanim are direct descendents of Rabbi
Shabse HaCohen (ShaCh). I have contacted many RUBIN families who are
Kohanim and they all told me the same thing that they are direct decadents
of the (ShaCh). A relative of mine mentioned to me that there was a person
who lived in Nyiregyhaza by the named Yackov Rubin who had a family tree of
the direct linage to the (ShaCh) but unfortunately it was destroyed during
the war and Yackov Rubin didn't survive.

If anyone knows any connection of the RUBIN family to the (ShaCh) or any
RUBINS that are Kohanim, please let me know.

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

Reaserching: SCHWARTZ-Nyiregyhaza[Hu]-Sarospatak[Hu] |
MARKOVICS-Csabanyivka[Ukr](Bacso, Bacovo, Bacsava, Batchive, Chabanivka,
Csabanyivka) - Kljacsanovo[Ukr](Klacsano, Klacana, Klitshanif)|
IZSAK-Bacsava [Ukr](Bacso, Bacovo, Chabanivka, Batchive, Csabanyivka) |
BENOVICS-Koritnyani[Ukr](Kereknye, Koreknya) |KATZ-Kljucsarki[Ukr](Klucsarka,
MOSKOP-Krajnya-Martinka[Ukr] (Martinka, Vegmartonka) | STOBER | EYBSHUTZ |
EDELSTEIN | | ORENSTEIN - Lviv[Ukr] (Lemberg, Leopol, Lwow) | GOLD | EPSTIEN |

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