Dunayevtsy, Ukraine #ukraine

Carol Rombro Rider

I am delighted to respond to your request concerning information for
The name of the shtetl can be found on modern maps as Dunayevtsy, Ukraine,
located just north-east of Kamenitz Podolsk. But our ancestors never referred
to it by that name; to its Jewish inhabitants it was known as Dinovitz
(Dinovits, etc.)

My grandmother's family was KUSHNER >from Dinovitz, and I understand >from
research that there were two separate Kushner families living there. Moshe
KUSHNER (b.1852) married Naomi ZEHERMAN and had four children--Leib, Yitzhak,
Benyamin and Masha. Leib came to America; very unhappy in Baltimore he returned
to Dinovitz to be murdered in a pogrom. Yitzhak (Isacc) lived in California
and moved in political circles. Benyamin (Bernardo) emmigrated to
Argentina, and raised a family there. My grandmother, Masha, married Reuben
ROMBRO and raised a family in Baltimore, Maryland. As a postscript, Naomi
KUSHNER was pregnant with Masha when Moshe died. Naomi remarried (name unknown)
and subsequently had a daughter with her second husband.

There was also a BERMAN family in Dinovitz, related to my KUSHNERs. If
anyone is interested, I do have some additional information on the BERMAN family.

I have an aerial photo of Dinovitz that I would be delighted to share with
the group, as well as current photos of the town, including the streets where
the Jews did live. Also, I have pictures of the Jewish cemetery, although
the old cemetery has very few tombstone standing.

There is a building with a plaque on it dedicated to the LERMAN family of
Dinovitz. If anyone is interested, I will gladly send it along or have it
posted on the Ukraine SIG.

I also have a Financial Statement of the Dinovitzer Society >from 1948 ( I
believe) with many names listed on the paper. This was published in the United

I will gladly share all information with the group, so please let me know if
you are interested!

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland USA

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please do send the photos to us at
historian2020@comcast.net. We can use everything for
our Shtetl pages. That way we can all learn what life was
really like for our ancestors and understand what they went
thru before leaving for other lands.

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